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Riding at Cambridge RDA

Do I have to live in Cambridge?

Most of our riders come from Cambridge but we have riders that come from the wider Waikato region as well.

How old do I need to be?

We have no age restrictions for riders, as long as we have a Doctors clearance.   

We have a maximum weight limit of 80kgs for balanced riders and on a case by case basis for therapy, or unbalanced riders.  
This is important for our horses welfare and longevity in the programme.

What horses will I ride?

We have a team of trained RDA horses. We do our best to match each rider with a horse that suits their personality, ability and needs. A special bond often develops between horse and rider.

What are the classes like?

Riders are split into group classes based on ability, personality or age and the horses availability. We have no more than six riders per class.  Most classes run for 40 minutes depending on the type of class, although some riders are only able to ride for a short time, especially when they first begin to ride.

Who are the coaches?

Olivia Huggins - Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday
Katrina Roberts - Fridays 

What clothing do I need?

  • Covered-in shoes with a small heel. Riding boots are ideal but not compulsory.
  • Long pants to protect legs.
  • No dangly jewellery.

We have riding helmets in a variety of sizes and provide hair nets.
We also have a range of jodhpurs and jodhpur boots to borrow.

What are the sessions like?
Riding sessions are every weekday morning during the school terms from Tuesday to Friday. 

How do I enrol as a rider?

  • Contact us and we will e-mail or post the relevant information and forms to you.
  • We encourage you to come and view one or two of our riding sessions to see what we do and we can discuss options with you.

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