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Meet our current horses

Our current RDA Horses

RDA horse, Toby


Born 2008

Toby is a 14.1hh, station bred gelding who is a delight to all those who meet him.

He is a very inquisitive pony who is not phased by anything, even from the first day we had him. He's very trusting and a little bit cheeky.

The perfect RDA pony temperament as well as being stocky and small. Toby has been getting out and about recently as it's important for our ponies to get outside stimulation. He recently placed first in a show jumping competition with one of our volunteers (Maddy).

Sponsored by Te Awa Lifecare

Sponsored by Te Awa Lifecare

RDA horse, Bandera


Born 2008

Bandera is a 15.1hh quarter horse/appaloosa gelding.

RDA purchased Bandera in December 2015 from his previous owner who brought him over from Australia in 2010.

He has done a little bit of everything including vaulting for beginners and was leased for a short time to Hamilton RDA.

Bandera loves being the centre of attention, he often insists on it and is very competitive, surging ahead whenever he suspects he's in any sort of race.

Sponsored by Shaw's Wire Ropes

Sponsored by Shaws Ropes

RDA Horse, Honey Puff

Honey Puff

Born 2002

Honey Puff (Honey) is a 15hh dun (very pretty) mare who is a recent addition to our stable of therapy horses (February 23). At 15hh she is very tall compared to some of our other horses, and because she is well-built, is considered a weight bearing horse.

Honey is a very sensitive girl who loves gentle interaction. She is incredible with her riders, maintaining her calm demeanour under stressful situations and is a firm favourite for adult riders.

Like all of our ponies, Honey loves a treat!

Sponsored by Maneline Cambridge

Sponsored by Maneline Cambridge

RDA horse, Itsy


Born 2011

Itsy our little bay dynamo, arrived at the RDA in September 2022. At 13.3hh she is quite small girl, but what she lacks in stature, is made up in personality.

And speaking of personalty, Itsy has spades of it. As a mare, she can gave her moments, but underneath it all, she is lovely girl who loves a massage. Itsy is used for smaller riders because of her stature but surprisingly, she is part clydesdale!

Sponsored by Cambridge Equine Hospital

Sponsored by Cambridge Equine Hospital

RDA horse, Cloud


Born 1994

Our resident 'old dude', Cloud is quite new to our herd of delightful ponies. 

At 14.3hh and a rather bland 'pudding spot' grey, Cloud has fast become a favourite amongst our riders and volunteers. He has penchant for walking round with his tongue hanging out, which is very endearing. 

For an old boy, he sure can move. He's quite forward, hence why the when people find out how old he is, they are VERY surprised. He also has a competitive streak, which sees him taking on Bandera in the walking races!

Cloud is looking for a sponsor.

Cloud is looking for a sponsor!

RDA horse, Cream Puff

Cream Puff

Born 2015

At 15hh, Cream Puff is a spring chicken and blessed with an amazing colour called a Cremello. She has what's called a 'cream gene' which can produce several different coat colours. The main effect is that the gene produces a lighter eye, skin and coat.

Did you know? Because Creamy is a cremello, she has to wear a sun mask to protect her from our harsh sun.

Dreamy Creamy is a delight. She often puts on a gruff face to make you think she doesn't adore you, but really, deep down she is a total cream puff!

Sponsored by Group One Turf Bar

Sponsored by Group One Turf Bar

RDA Horse, Patches


Born 2002

At just 14hh, Patches is a paint and is undergoing testing at the RDA to make sure he is a good match for our riders.

A stocky wee man, Patches is a little rough around the edges and has some quirks. He doesn't like having a cover on, so is a furry little guy who ALWAYS comes in needing a session with a stylist.

Sometimes he is a little nervous, especially with new things and he even thinks he might be a bit claustrophobic! Our wonderful coaches and volunteers are working with him, and he is coming along in leaps and bounds. Watch this space!

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RDA horse, Ziggy


Born 2016

14hh Ziggy is a brown Kaimanawa pony, made famous by the Wilson sisters. 

The Kaimanawa horse originated from Exmoor and Welsh Mountain pony stock released in the 1870’s. These ponies came to New Zealand on sailing ships and were a huge part of pioneer life working to aid European settlement. The gene has been added to over the years because of “Desert Road Drop-offs” of other unwanted horses.

Ziggy is a tough little guy and very strong and bursting with personality (very typical of a Kaimanawa).

Sponsored by Garrads Horse and Hound

Sponsored by Garrards Horse and Hound Cambridge

RDA horse, Magic


Born 2009

Magic is a 12 year old, 15.2hh Quarter horse cross, Palomino gelding. He is from Rotorua and originally from Northland. He has previously done trekking and lots of horsemanship so he comes with manners already established.

Magic has adjusted to the RDA environment and working in a covered arena. He is a fast learner and very eager to please. He is very gentle with his riders but strangely, seems to have a phobia of 'white vans'!

Sponsored by Manning Investments

Sponsored by Manning Investments Limited

RDA horse, Marvelous Monty

Marvelous Monty

Born 2004

Marvellous Monty is a 9hh chestnut gelding, purchased by the RDA in April 2016 (along with his cart and harness).

Monty has made quite a name for himself, visiting rest homes and spreading his love to everyone. He is becoming more and more popular in his home town of Cambridge and has people queuing to see him. Monty also works in-hand with our riders and provides a lot of laughs for all those involved. Having recently passed his elevator training, Monty is ready for his visit to the children's ward at Waikato Hospital.

Sponsored by Ascot Farm

Sponsored by Ascot Farm

RDA Horse, Pepsi


Born 2008

Pepsi stands at 13.2hh and what she lacks in size, she makes up in sweetness.

You couldn't wish for a more lovely little pony. She's a lady and a cheeky girl, all rolled into one - it's what makes her a crowd favourite. She has a very naughty habit of jumping or pushing through electric tape to get to the greener grass but this just makes her more endearing.

Pepsi has a fan club - if you met her you'd understand why!

Sponsored by Ben Foote Racing

Sponsored by Ben Foote Racing

Sponsor, Ben Foote Racing
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From time to time we are looking for another horse to fill a gap in our programme. This may be a bigger horse for our adult or heavier riders, or a pony for our littlies.
We have a very comprehensive process for assessing and choosing a suitable RDA horse which involves an initial assessment and a trial period which is very important where possible, to establish if a horse may be suitable. We have some very vulnerable children and adults riding our horses, so we must be sure we have just the right one.

RDA horse, Bandera with Rider
RDA horse, Itsy with RDA rider and volunteer

Horse suitability for RDA

Temperament is the most important thing when choosing an RDA horse and even though your horse may be perfectly well-behaved at your place with you and your family, they may not fit into the RDA setting.
Some horses can find RDA work very stressful with having some very unbalanced riders on them as well as many different volunteers working with them on any given day.
We try our best to manage every horse's needs, including any extra schooling or exercise they may need with balanced, experienced riders.
Many horses are not suitable for RDA due to their temperament, size, gait or soundness.

We follow up on all offers that appear to meet our initial criteria. If you think your horse may be suitable – please get in touch.

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