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Cambridge RDA has been providing therapeutic riding to the Cambridge community for over 25 years. We are a member of New Zealand Riding for the Disabled (NZRDA).

What we do

RDA is all about providing goal-based riding activities that increase the ability, strength and confidence of people with physical, intellectual, emotional and social challenges.

Our focus is to make a positive difference. Our vision is to reach more riders and change more lives. 

Our horses become the therapists.

Our riding programs are designed to help develop and increase physical abilities, communication, concentration, social skills, confidence and self-esteem.

We also provide our riders with a sport and an opportunity for recreation in a supportive environment that is fun, exhilarating and different.

Each class is tailored to the rider's needs and goals. For more information see our rider information.

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Our Location

Physical Address:

8 Alpha St (Corner of Hall St & Alpha St)

We share our entrance with the Gaslight Theatre.


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