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Will Pett

William started riding first in Balclutha and as a young boy used to sit on the stile between the house and paddock sharing a carrot with the neighbours horses. The family then moved north 17 years ago when William started riding with Cambridge RDA. His youngest brother, Chris has been a volunteer for the last 6 years and his mother, Belinda, recently also joined as a volunteer with RDA.Now aged 24, Will lives at home with his family and is part of the Enabling Good Lives trial Project through the Waikato.
Will has benefitted physically and developmentally through his horse riding and also loves swimming to keep fit. He swims 1.5km several times a week and has now started training at the gym.
Will is in the middle of 5 children and has a very supportive family who have always pushed him to his limits even though, outside of home, he is limited to his wheelchair. He's usually game to give most things a go and doesn't let his physical impairment get in his way.
Will is normally accompanied by his father, Adrian, to riding and after many years of being involved with the group the Pett's have become notorious for bending the rules when it comes to RDA games!
William and his family have seen many changes over the years and ridden in all types of weather on many different horse with his favourite being Rolly.
Will's Dad says "The shelter of a covered arena is a great facility now for Cambridge RDA as it allows for regular riding sessions. We credit all the hard working volunteers through the years for the success of this RDA group and the presence and connection it facilitates in the community."

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