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Join our Team and Become an RDA Volunteer

Cambridge RDA is run almost entirely by volunteers - with one paid staff member who is our Operations Manager.

We are always looking for like-minded, dedicated people to give us a helping hand. 

You don't need to have any prior horse experience, you just need to have a passion for helping people and be able to work as part of a team. 

Please contact us to check if there are any vacancies either for our Tuesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday sessions, or maybe you can help in another way.

What sorts of things can I do to help?

You can be involved in lots of different activities, depending on your experience and what you like to do:

  • Groom, tack up and warm up the horses before the riders arrive
  • Lead and sidewalk the horses during riding sessions
  • Help with unmounted activities
  • Help with morning tea and refreshments
  • Help with maintenance of our arena, grounds, fences and buildings
  • Support fundraising intiatives
  • Organise events and activities.
  • Help with farm jobs

Do I need experience with horses?

Our volunteers come from varied backgrounds, from little or no experience with horses, to owning their own and competing.

We provide ongoing, on-the-job training. We also offer volunteer training courses which cover skills from preparing the horses for riding, to sidewalking and assisting during riding sessions.

Training options are also available for volunteers over the age of 18 who wish to become a fully qualified RDA coach or assistant coach.  The NZRDA website has more information here.

Otherwise, there are many other areas where you can help.

What is leading and sidewalking?
During a riding session, the leader's responsibility is to lead and look after the horse. Sidewalkers look after the rider, and make them feel safe, supported and encouraged. 

When are the riding sessions?
Riding sessions are every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 9.30am to 12.30pm, and every second Saturday from 8.30am to 12.30pm during the school term.

See our calendar for dates. 

Volunteers start about an hour before the session to groom, tack and warm up the horses. If you are only available for an hour or two on an RDA morning, that's fine as well. We have some classes that require more volunteers than others and welcome the extra help for those times. If you aren't available on riding days, we still have lots of ways you can help out.

How old do I need to be?

Anyone over the age of 14 can become an RDA volunteer.

How do I apply to volunteer?

  • Contact us and we'll email you our New Volunteer intro pack.  This will give you more of an idea of what we do as well as the relevant forms to start with.
  • Then arrange a time with us to come in for a visit and to observe a riding session.
  • You will meet the coach/s and volunteer coordinator and any questions you have will be answered.
  • Your police vetting forms can be filled in now with officer.  (Don't forget to bring some identification along such as a drivers license and passport).
  • Once this form is completed, we will send it in to our NZRDA head office.
  • It can take up to 4 weeks before Police clearance is received.  During this time you are welcome to observe sessions as a visitor and join us for morning tea.
  • Once we have the clearance through we will go over our Health and Safety Induction with you in an orientation morning before buddying you up with an experienced volunteer to show you the ropes.

Watch the video clips below to see how you might be able to help at RDA.

NZRDA Leading a horse at RDA

NZRDA Sidewalking at RDA


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