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Born 1992

Paddy is a 14.3hh, appaloosa cross bay gelding.

Paddy was purchased by RDA when he was 12 years old in 2004, from Poi Poi. Paddy is an ideal RDA horse as he has the right temperament, can carry weight, and suits many different riders. Paddy will give an experienced rider a lovely ride and he is also very sensitive to the needs of our less capable or nervous riders.

Paddy has an enormous personality and a cheeky way about him. He loves to try out all the games and activities we have in the arena for the riders. If we have cones set out for him to walk around, he can never resist knocking one down. If you look closely you can see him give a little smile when one of the volunteers has to go and pick it up after him. Paddy enjoys having fun with his paddock mates. Any paddock he's in always has the tell-tale sign of shenanigans - dirt ripped up by fast moving hooves.


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