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Noah Pullinger

Noah first started riding at RDA when he was still in kindy. Right from the first time he sat on the horse his mum, Angela, was amazed at how much he talked. Noah had to be taught how to speak and his words were few and far between especially with people he didn't know. But when Noah sat on that horse he just talked away like speech wasn't ever an issue, Angela was amazed! Noah, however after not that many lessons decided that he wasn't getting on the horse any more and his mum decided his time was better spent at kindy and left RDA.
Noah is now 10 years old and recently mentioned to his mum that he would like to ride again so when we started our Tuesday RDA sessions and invited Goodwood school, where Noah attends, to bring along some children, he jumped at the chance.
The school set some goals for Noah's riding and by the end of his first term he had quickly achieved them all so Vanessa, at RDA, asked Noah what he would like to achieve next he said he wanted to master trotting and riding by himself and he was determined and focused in his efforts. So much so that we decided to let Noah practice the trotting dressage test ahead of our Annual Dressage Competition. Noah needed a leader for the trot test but only as a back up and he rode beautifully achieving 1st place in the trot group.
'We would like to thank all the staff and volunteers for faithfully running these sessions week after week , they are so values by so many" says Angela Pullinger.
And the final words go to Noah, "I would like to thank Mum for letting me go to RDA, I enjoy my time there. I'd like to thank RDA so much and would like to come back next year and learn much more, thank you".


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